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    1 day, 5 hours agoAt UBC, DJs, musicians and performers have had to adjust to a life without live-music venues and clubs. For some, performing was their main source of income.



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    UBC strives for inclusion — but nearly a third of buildings are inaccessible to disabled students

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    • AMS COVID-19 survey shows student budget struggles, expected virtual learning challenges

    • From the Boardroom: BoG endorses Indigenous Strategic Plan, approves budget


    1 day, 2 hours agoThe student, a 24-year-old woman and Canadian permanent resident, worries that this case is symptomatic of increased anti-Asian racism in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Since the circulation of books at UBC is getting lower every year, the university is relying less on library fines.

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    The pandemic didn’t let the university off easy — the budget predicts that the university will run a $225-million deficit.

    • AMS never implemented hazard pay — and likely never will

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    On July 16, Equity and Inclusion hosted a virtual chat with author Eternity Martis. The centre of this event was her novel which shares her experiences at Western University as a Black woman.

    Here’s an overview of what is open, what exhibitions are currently running, and their COVID-19 safety protocols are.

    The song made me remember how much my friends mean to me, especially now that we aren’t allowed to see each other.

    After a successful election, I quickly found myself feeling stagnant. I found that the bureaucratic nature of these council meetings would not allow me to make true systemic change.



    While we could look at the financial statistics or regulation differences when comparing different leagues like U Sports and the NCAA, an often-overlooked source are the student-athletes themselves

    “Kory was an exceptional young man who touched the lives of so many people around him. His loss will be felt deeply by all members of the Thunderbirds community.”

    Former defensive back James Vause is considering leaving the team due to the ongoing global pandemic.

    Former Thunderbirds, Evan Dunfee, has earned an early nomination to his second Olympic ticket to Tokyo 2023.



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    And how we’ll need your help to enact that change.

    "Unfortunately, online classes provide much less than the top-tier global education we typically pay for, and this is not the price we should be paying for the product we would be getting in return."

    What’s great about a mason jar is that you can leave it on your desk, beside your computer or on an office shelf.


    Oliver McDonald, a second year chemistry major, remembers walking towards HEBB for class. When he finally meandered away from the crowds of people with backpacks and books in tow, he made his way around the side to an empty back door. The standalone back entrance is the only accessible option to get into HEBB.

    “I think that the most important thing I do is teach … [and] what I hope that does is invite [students] into scholarship."

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    Loneliness can be more than simple solitude.



    The Ubyssey analyzed the content data on the city’s non-emergency phone line to catch a glimpse of how things on a municipal level have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The selected projects look to address the questions arising from the pandemic to better inform policy-makers around control of the disease moving forward.

    According to a recent study, nearly 46 per cent of Canadians believe in at least one COVID-19 conspiracy theory circulating online.

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    The weight of the world rests on our shoulders. Yet the fate of the world lies beneath the heels of the rich, their carbon footprints stamped down like corporate logos.

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    The sands that I would pretend were sprinkles, where I’d roll around in, feeling like a brigadeiro. The sea where I learned that the best way past a tall wave is through it. It was now buried in oil and the federal government refused to do anything about it.

    At the Supermarket You don’t see peanuts plucked out of the ground

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